Yes, we're starting with Episode Two. The reason? Episode One requires a bit more editing to make up for my own screwups and I wanted to get something out the door rather than waiting.

On to show notes.

Patrick Byrne and I talk about enterprise software, Dan Cederholm fanboyism, remote work, programming as writing, dopplegangers and goofballery.

Links and stuff

  • Patrick on Twitter: Rapscallion. Husband to @aca902. Developer at @dribbble.
  • Planet Discover: Planet Discover was formed in 2003 through a vision to provide local search for media company websites. Today, Planet Discover is a leading provider of local search, online advertising, and modular content applications, including native mobile apps, for media companies, online portals and content distributors. The company's applications and technology enable businesses to leverage their content while building profitable revenue streams and strengthening their position as the best source for local or targeted information.
  • Gannett: Gannett is a leading media and marketing solutions company that reaches millions of people every day through our digital, mobile, broadcast and print media.
  • IndyStar: Indiana's largest circulation newspaper.
  • Dribbble: Dribbble is show and tell for designers.
  • SimpleBits: SimpleBits is the tiny creative studio of designer, author, and speaker, Dan Cederholm.
  • stopdesign: Creative outlet of Douglas Bowman
  • Campfire: Campfire is like instant messaging, but designed exclusively for groups.
  • Kato: Messaging for modern organizations
  • Ship shipping ships
  • Graphics Interchange Format: Of note, it appears Patrick and I fall on different sides of the Gif-Jif debate

The intro and outro music contains excerpts from Nine Inch Nails' "Ghosts", which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license.