I have a very long and checkered past with blogging. I remember blogging before the word even existed (we called them journals back back in the late 90’s or early Aught’s).

And back then, what I wrote was a) highly personal and b) written every single day.

Now, I’m not a college kid anymore, so I’m not likely to get highly personal again. I’ll talk about personal stuff every so often (especially when it comes to talking about my son’s Autism and advocating for more early treatment and screening), but my days of pouring my deepest feelings into a public-facing website are probably over.

I still have some of those old blog entries floating around on floppies and zip drives around the house, and I might get around to backfilling some best-of content at some point, though.

Mostly, though, I want to try getting back into the habit of posting daily, even if it’s a small entry like this one.

There’s little better for building your voice and getting comfortable with writing again than to force yourself to put words to a page every day, even when you don’t have anything particularly pressing to say.