Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of my since-shuttered analytics firm: Axiomatic. That said, if you need some analytics work, get in touch

I just pushed live Questions to Answer, a free tool to find out what questions people might be asking about your topic of choice.

It's an idea I've been noodling on for quite some time, but really came together in the last 24 hours or so.

Qstoa uses a technique I've used for clients in the past who wanted to know what content they should write or what products they should build.

Essentially, it takes your topic of choice, adds the essential who, what, why, where and how questions to the end (and a few extra goodies), runs them through Google's search keyword suggestion endpoint to get what are - theoretically - the most popular related searches.

Do head over and give it a whirl to get a better idea.

As a final note: It also gives you the option of downloading the terms as a handy-dandy csv file that can then be easily imported into the Google Keyword Planner to figure out just how much traffic goes to each.