I’ve been a Media Temple customer for around 10 years now.

However, with their recent sale to GoDaddy, I decided to move everything off their services. While I still have a few straggling domains with GoDaddy, I don’t like the company or really want to have anything to do with them, so I’m moving things.

I’ve transferred all four domains I had registered with (mt) over to Hover. I’ll be moving the handful of GoDaddy stragglers shortly.

The only thing I still had in active use on (mt) was this blog, which by the time you’re reading this, will now be hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet running Ghost, a new Node.js-based blogging system that was funded through Kickstarter a while back.

This is the first post I’m writing in the Ghost interface itself (I had imported over all my old Wordpress posts of course), and while I’m going to dearly miss using MarsEdit to post, I think I could get used to this - especially the Markdown interface combined with a dash of Brett Terpstra’s Markdown service tools (like SearchLink).