I get recruiter calls every so often. I always listen, because you never know where that sort of thing is going to go.

I listen. I answer the questions. I might even go through another level of phone interviews from time to time.

In the best-case scenario, I hear a salary range. And they always sound nice when you’re on the phone. One was a 50% pay raise if you just go by the numbers.

But if you’re in a similar situation to me, you can’t just go by the numbers.

That 50% pay bump was for a job in Washington, DC … which means it really wasn’t a pay bump at all. If it were a job in the Bay Area? It would have been a pay cut.

So, here’s my pro tip: Before you accept any job that requires you to relocate, run the numbers through a cost of living calculator.

The results will almost always surprise you.

And for god’s sakes: Don’t think for a second that a $125,000 job in Silicon Valley is somehow worth more than a $75,000 job in Indianapolis.

Bonus pro tip: If you run a company in Silicon Valley, stop wasting your investor money (even if that’s what it’s there for) and hire remote employees. Much more bang for your buck.