NOTE: These recaps are a bit more for me than you. I’ll skip over stuff, include asides that are more personal notes to me, etc. Your mileage may vary. More detailed/sanctioned recaps will be available at at some point.

Teardowner: Hiten Shah


  • If you’re not getting 100s per month, you probably can’t do AB testing
  • Anybody hitting you up on the chat box? Made any changes based on it? If not, do so.
  • Find a way to incorporate audiences into your headline
  • Current headline is pretty wordy
  • Visitors might not understand what a text expander is
  • Something like, “Phrase Expander makes data entry easier for <audiences>.
  • Focus on what the pain is


  • Eye goes straight to the red text and dollar signs on image. Maybe put the CTA near it or flip the image to the left
  • Headline a little wordy, doesn’t flow very well. Read it out loud.
  • You’re selling something like insurance, maybe be more alarming on the wording
  • Stop wasting money on your Azure VMs
  • Try a more aggressive CTA, “Yes, I’d like to start saving money”. Make it more specific to the language you use in the headline
  • Same for the bottom CTA

  • Not surprised specific landing pages convert well. Classic landing page layout
  • Make the CTA more specific
  • Put the form of the next page directly on the landing pages
  • Think about making the landing page the home page if they convert well. Current home page feels a lot more complicated
  • Use site: in Google search to find all the additional landing pages
  • Cause-based stuff: If it doesn’t test well, then don’t do it.
  • Put the cause things later in the funnel, like on the payment page


  • Reduce signup to a single step instead of two
  • Too many words on the page.
  • Bigger thing: I didn’t understand who these manuals are for.
  • Copy is all about the features, instead of benefits
  • Maybe lead with “It’s so much easier than WordPress”
  • Featuritis
  • Find a way to frame it against something else “More than a knowledge base.”
  • “Make it easier for customers to use your product”


  • Segmenting and filtering where the end up if they came from the WP directory
  • Maybe change the messaging for coming from WP directory
  • Maybe not sure about what “behind the scenes” might mean
  • “Make it so visitors don’t see an error”
  • “Make it so your visitors always see something”
  • Either go deeper with the BTS analogy or ditch it
  • Coming soon benefit = do marketing before I’m ready. Create your early access list. Build your list while you’re working on your blog or product. Then hit the benefits of having the list. When you’re ready to show them what you built, they’ll be there waiting for you.
  • Three things feel like writing for SEO, maybe switch to bullets
  • Maybe lead with the Matt Cutts video, maybe mention who he is
  • Integration bits are also huge deal, buried at bottom of page currently.