I’m conducting a bit of an experiment and I need your help.

Essentially, as I’ve been writing “The Hiring Handbook”, I’ve been thinking more about the intended audience and am considering shifting gears a bit.

My original plan was to write it for hiring managers - folks like myself that are trying to recruit and hire developers without job ads, recruiters and the like.

But what I’ve realized is that those sorts of folks - again, like myself - really don’t hire all that often. There’s not an immediate monetary gain tied to hiring better.

Recruiters, on the other hand, have to recruit and hire all the freaking time, and I know from experience they could use a hand.

So, here’s where you come in: If you’re a developer these days, you get recruiter pitches on the regular. And I want them. I want to analyze them, maybe offer suggestions/improvements in posts here[1].

I want to make all our lives better by helping make recruiters better.

Take whatever recruiter pitches you have lying around, and forward them on to chris@chrisvannoy.com.

Or, if you’d rather, there’s also a thread available on Hacker News.

Oh, and if you’re a recruiter, feel free to send pitches by me first. I may eventually charge for this sort of service, but for now, I just need examples.

  1. I’ll redact all personal details, obviously - both your’s and the recruiter’s (unless I see a heaping pile of wrong coming through for one recruiting agency/person).  ↩